By angel | mercredi 03 décembre 2014

In development

Abha "Light on the Path" is a 2D old school point and click adventure game
for PC and Mac
The game is based on known mechanisms (find objects, puzzles, etc.),
but also on a main key: serenity.
The player will plunge into a fantasy world where he will live an initiatory quest.

"Feeling good", "experiencing loneliness";
this is often forgotten words in video games and would like to put them
up to date (feelings, poetry, etc.)

Abha is a young woman who wants to leave her homeland:
thick jungle leaves never glimpse the sky.
After the attack on her village by a warlike people, Abha lose all their relatives.
Her soul prompted to follow a new path. She decides to undertake a long journey ...




Coming soon

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