Abha "Light on the Path"



« Light on the Path » is an old-school point-and-click adventure game for PC.

Experience a fantasy world and go on an initiation quest full of twists and turns.
Find items, solve puzzles, and experience environments brimming with poetry.

Abha is a young woman living in a village that was deserted after an attack by a warrior people. The thick jungle canopy obscures the sky. Abha decides to leave her homeland, her soul drawn to follow a new path. She’ll embark on a long journey…

"Light on the Path" version 1.1 is available!


- Steam achievements (for the Steam version)! or win awards ingame!
- Redesigned mini game of owls
- Some minor bug fixed

Available languages : English / French
Download Presskit here


"Ce jeu d’aventure avec une vraie histoire vous passionnera" -Graal.fr
"Short and sweet, Abha: Light on the Path is a visual treat" -adventuregamers.com


Is Abha "Light on the Path" intended for other media than PC ?

For the moment only the PC version. Maybe a Mac version in the future.

How many people worked on the game ?

Little Angel is a very small independent studio, two people worked on the game,
but most of it was done by only one people.
The development period was 3 years but not full-time.

What was the motivation for creating this game ?

In the past, the studio had more members.
We had set up a project on this theme, but it was too ambitious to see the light of day.
Years later, the game market has evolved a lot, and the craze for the point-and-click has
returned, it was possible to develop independent "little games" and sell them on different
platforms (such as Steam).
As the video game audience became more mature, and interested in both content and form,
it was possible to create something interesting with limited resources.
We are not video game professionals, just enthusiasts, for whom the game is just a support
to express ideas, and not a goal in itself.

What was the source of inspiration for this game ?

For the form, all the point-and-click that rocked our childhood (LucasArt, Sierra).
For the background, the theme of death. This game is strongly theosophical in inspiration,
but deliberately expressed discreetly.
You can play very well by enjoying the atmosphere, quests and mini games,
and consider the background as secondary. It is a deliberately "sober" and "silent" game.
It was essential not to be talkative to let the player connect himself to the mystery.

Any other projects ?

Yes, many other projects in the drawers that only depend on time.
Since video games are not our business, we have no resources, only the love of creating
carries us. So, be patient!



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